Business Security Camera Installation

Megatronics provides businesses with top-tier, complete turn-key solutions in smart security cameras and surveillance systems.

Smart Security Camera Installation

We offer full 1080p HD all through wireless data transfer. Our protocol enables unprecedented scalability, high throughput and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks over short or long distances. We tailor fit today’s most sophisticated surveillance camera equipment to fit your specific needs, while always taking your budget and needs into consideration.

Prevent Theft & Burglary

While you’re out of the office, don’t let strangers in.
Megatronics is dedicated ensuring your safety if you’re looking to protect your business, request a FREE quote today!

Secure Your Business At All Times

Our experts can service your pre-existing security equipment for up-to-date standards with a quick turnaround time.

Megatronics strives for excellence and we have the expertise and experience to design and install the right solution for you. Any of our video surveillance systems can be accessed remotely, so long as you have an active internet connection, computer, or smartphone device.

Our Security Camera Installation Process

Step1: Free Consultation: A free on-site evaluation of your property. After our assessment, we will recommend a security layout and equipment that will best meet your building’s needs. Our security surveys includes security camera placement and a no-obligation project estimate.

Step2: Install Schedule: After a quote is agreed upon an Installation date will be scheduled

Step3: Execution: On your scheduled day the Megatronics install team will begin the installation process. A typical installation will look like the following (can vary depending on the project requirements):

  • Running cable and power
  • Security camera installation and mounting
  • Configuration of the system and network
  • Recording device setup (DVR or NVR)
  • Video recording configuration (Motion Detection and notification setup)

Step4: Customer Assessment: This is where you confirm that camera placement and recording schedules meet your requirements.

Step5: Training: The final stage of the installation process. We will teach you and/or any designated person, on how to use the system, how to search and backup footage, and/or how to access your security cameras remotely.

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