Smart Device Hook-up

Want a smarter home? We can’t teach it common core, but we can set up your smart devices! Whether you have a smart lamp, clock, or toaster, our Techs will get you connected and move your home to the head of the class!

Our Smart Device Hook-up Service includes:

  • Set up and configure your smart device
  • Connect the smart device to a mobile application or smart hub
  • Demonstrate proper smart device functionality

Smart Devices We Can Set-Up:

  • Internet TV Device Set-Up: From very simple setups to extremely complex systems, our technicians are able to deliver user-ready internet TV devices to your home or office. We will walk you through how to use the device with your TV.
  • Water Leak Monitors: Protect your home or office with the installation of a water leak monitor installation. Avoid water damage as quickly as possible.
  • Smart Appliance Connection & Configuration: Once a smart appliance is installed, our technicians will help you get connected and configure the smart appliance for optimal performance.
  • Sprinkler Control: Get control over your sprinkler system with the installation of a network-enabled sprinkler control system.
  • Network Hub Setup: To resolve a simple or involved network hub set up, one of our technicians can complete the installation of your network hub, keeping you connected with all of your devices.
  • Network-Enabled Doorbells: Our skilled technicians can install network-enabled doorbells without difficulty. We will also give a brief tutorial on the newly installed device.
  • Smart Lighting & Bulb Devices: Smart lighting systems range from single bulbs to complex systems. We can have your lights up and running on your home or office network quickly.
  • Network-Enabled Thermostats: Our technicians are highly skilled in the installation of network-enabled thermostats and configuration to the network.
  • Network-Enabled Door Locks & Sensors: Our technicians are qualified in the installation of network-enabled door locks and door sensors, and ensuring end-use readiness.
  • Network-Enabled Garage Door Openers: Let our technicians install your network-enabled garage door openers. We will provide you with training and support on its operation.
  • Network-Enabled Cameras: From single camera to a complete camera system with hub, our technicians will get you set-up with the right security system for your home or office.

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