Smart Thermostat Installation and Setup

Do you have a new thermostat you would like installed in your home as soon as possible? Megatronics technicians can help!

Why Choose a Smart Thermostat?

A programmable or smart thermostat is great for controlling the heating and cooling in your home, as well as allowing you to save on your energy bills. After all, why waste money on energy you don’t need? Now with our professional thermostat installation services, you can get your new device up and running before you know it. Our technicians are trained and experienced to install any kind of thermostat, from the intelligent Nest Thermostat to any other programmable or smart thermostat; there is nothing our techs can’t do!

Removing your old thermostat

We’ll remove your old thermostat and label the wires for installation or repair purposes.

Installing your smart thermostat

We’ll install your smart thermostat, connect it to your home network, and install a decorative trim plate or standard thermostat base. Drill holes will be concealed beneath the provided wall plate.

Getting connected

We’ll help you download the appropriate app for iOS, Android or Windows, and we’ll register your smart thermostat, if necessary, to allow remote access via a smart device like a smartphone or tablet.

Running tests

We’ll make sure your thermostat is working properly, testing both the heat and air conditioning. We’ll also test your remote function and make sure your signal strength is good.

*Does not include network setup/optimization, or installation of device on a line voltage (120V or 240V) system or from the HVAC. Additional charges may be required for travel beyond installation coverage areas.

Need Help Installing a Smart Thermostat?