TV Repair & Services

Our company specializes in professional TV repair services for the Ohio area. We repair all types of TVs. From the simple electronic to the latest technology LCD and Plasma TV’s. We provide quality service on most brands of TV’s. We are proud to be part of the ever changing electronics industry. Feel free to browse our website and read more about us.

When your television is in need of repair, Megatronics is your first line of defense in order to fix the problem. The television is one of the most used electronics in our customers’ households, so it’s important to us to provide television repair services that are fast and effective. We service all brands and models of televisions including LG televisions, Samsung televisions, Sony televisions, and Panasonic televisions.

You can get your repairs in minimum time thanks to our large inventory of manufacturer parts. Don’t worry even if the part you need isn’t in stock: your repair will still be lightning quick with our direct connection to manufacturers and their technical support.

Types of TV Repair

We have nearly 12 years of experience in TV repairs. We are confident that we can get your television working as you expect quickly.

TV Has No Picture

When you turn your TV on, you expect to see something on the screen! If your television is not displaying a picture at all, or is not displaying a picture as you expect it to we can help solve your problem. We have restored many television’s pictures over the course of our 12 year history.

TV Has No Sound

Unless you’re watching a silent movie, sound is one of the vital components to an enjoyable viewing experience while watching TV. If the sound on your television is not working, will not get loud enough, is muffled, or having any other difficulties we can help to fix it for you.

TV Shuts Itself Off

One common problem we fix regularly is when a television shuts itself off. If your TV shuts itself off periodically while you are watching your favorite shows, call Megatronics to solve the issue.

TV Has a Blue Screen

It is certainly disappointing when you turn on your television and are greeted with a giant blue screen. If your television has a blue screen and you need to restore the picture, let us know. We have helped many customers fix their televisions so they do not need to purchase a new one.

TV Has No Signal

If you need help with your television because it is not receiving a signal from your cable box or other equipment, get in touch with Megatronics. Our expertise will assist you in setting things up as you expect.

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